We at Pandaje web world, have a clear cut concept when it comes to the website design and this is the sole reason of our cent percent market acclaim in this area. We do not speak high but the work of our core designer team speaks of itself. They interesting thing is that they have understood the fact that website is the channel or the media through which one can go for the core marketing and the world knows that there is no limit to reach the pinnacle. The sole reason of our success is that we have understood the truth in this field and this helps us to change a website into a platform of dynamism that can engage as well as attract not only the customers but partners as well.

Core skills give the end results and exceptional outcome
We at Pandaje web world are highly skillful in offering the design of the website as well as the solution that can be perfectly implemented. This will also include the architecture as well as the design of the website. Our second area of importance when it comes to the website design is the backend implementation and CMS and third in the list but having a very high importance is the off-page and on-page SEO [Search engine optimization]. While we take up a site designing project at Pandaje, we first think in our mind to develop the site that keeps the visitor completely engaged as well as bound in a very active manner. The second category of design that we offer related to the websites is known as the Microsite design. The core businessman who has an amplified vision of the future prefers this type of design because this type of website design has a very high impact when it comes to promote the value of the brand as well as the latest products, market offerings etc. The advantage of the micro sites is that they do not back step when it comes to providing the multidimensional services. Website maintenance is also one of the core areas when we talk of the website designing. The core question is how to get the effective services to keep the fire burning after the creation of a new website? We at Pandaje provide a broad protection when it comes to the maintenance service of the websites and these include the latest updates in the areas related to engineering/ technology, content as well as the design areas.

We believe in mutually coming to conclusion in designing
Integration of the websites is also an important chamber related to the design. At Pandaje web world, when it comes to the designing of the websites, the core team makes it sure to look into each and every parameter. The accepted fact is that marketing is the focal point when it comes to anything in the present world. It is quite evident that once the website comes into existence, it has to patch up with the lead administration system, marketing administration system, sales force automation system and many other areas related to the marketing. Our sales team makes it sure that there is a non-disturbed flow of data in the different components that are related to the infrastructure of marketing. Our experts of website designing also focus on the web 2.0 development services that principally include the developing and the designing of platforms of social networking as well as the applications that are based on classical ASP, Microsoft NET, LAMP, RIA[ rich internet applications] like silver light, flex, adobe flash and AJAX.

Wider vision does not allow us to compromise in lacking something
We at Pandaje web world know to concentrate on the crucial areas of focus when it comes to the website design and one of the areas is the custom website development. In this area, we get the high level opportunity to design the very important portals also referred as the key portals related to the government, regional or the corporate community. There are many partner sites that come in to this category and these are matrimonial, classifieds, auctions, retail etc. We at Pandaje web world, have a track record of excelling your business in a cost effective manner because of the reason that we have achieved mastery and perfection in the design of the websites that come in the category of B2C and B2B e-commerce. We are among the few website building companies in the market that can make a site on customized CMS. It provides a dual advantage first is managing web properties and second is updating web properties. Another advantage is that integration of social networks with website is possible. Added features are the community forums and blogs. We also provide OSC [open source customization] services.