An experience matters in development
By web development, we at Pandaje mean lot of toil but there is a great delight in the best end results in this area. We have multiple years of core experience in the area of design and development and support of hundreds of applications related to the web and our sole credibility is that we are experts in delivering some of the very severe and complex projects on the web. Each and every of our applications related to the web provides a very high level of usability at the later stages. Besides this, it has got the universal acceptance, compatibility as well as the excellent scalability in the area of platforms as well as the browsers. We at Pandaje web world, construct each module so that it can fit into a framework or a system that has the capacity to administer the complete security as well as the auditing aspect. All this makes the web solution as safe as the desktop solutions.

Custom web application development - It is like a lifeline of the modern web development
Our team at Pandaje web world has the skill to go in the area of custom web application development. The two positive benefits it provides is to first enhance the staff productivity and secondly enhance the efficiency. Hats off to the very skilled developers at Pandaje web world who can deal in an effective manner with some of the most complex logics related to the business. The solutions of software that we provide are not only trustworthy but also innovative and these are very effective and fruitful in the different necessities related to the business. There is no doubt about the fact that we develop the core web applications that fits in the most modern technology and is highly useful in meeting the goals of the business. We have a team of highly skilled web programmers who have the experience in the areas like JSP, ASP.NET, PHP, Jquery Silverlight, Flex, XHTML, Adobe Air, SQL SERVER 2008;2012, MySQL etc.

Delivery of the advanced applications of the web - We deal with this core area
The accepted fact is that if any person wants to realize notions of innovation, there has to be an effective partnership. But the truth is that such notions will give the extra value to the customers associated with you. By this, one can put his business cut above the rest especially in a competitive environment that is complicated. We at Pandaje give the solutions in the hour of disappointment and are a mark of trust.

Development of the web applications related to the business
At Pandaje web world, our principal focus is to construct the custom applications of the web and these are very much responsible for solving the very tough problems associated with the business. We are pioneers in custom developing each application of the web so that it perfectly suits the complete requirements of the business. Apart from this, we are also experts in delivering the rich internet applications [RIA] because of the fact that we are very much experienced in the three areas like the engineering/technology expertise, development methodology and the cross browser experience.

Item development - Based on the web
We have the industry reputation because we fulfill the client promise in the due time. They in turn get the benefit because of the fact that they can survive in the competitive market in an admirable way. The products we offer fulfill the needs and necessities and they operate in a much better manner. This will double or triple the customer base. We at Pandaje are going at a jet speed in the complex and changing scenario and have the wide experience as far as the growth and the development of the commercial products is concerned. This is applicable from the smallest corporation to the largest corporation of the world.

Software as a service [SAAS]
We are experts in providing the custom solutions in the area of development of SAAS web applications. We have a specific expertise area that covers the different industries. Apart from this, we have the capability to create SAAS application that is applicable to the exceptional requirements of business.

Software solutions - engineering revisited
Over confidence is one of the very bad things in life. There are times when someone runs a unique business or may be someone is a business leader but what if the team associated with you wants to go in a totally different direction? May be it wants to shift towards engineering or technological area? In this case, Pandaje web world will be of great help because of our immense cross industry experience and multidimensional skills related to technology.

Taking care of web applications
We, at Pandaje group, have the efficient support and maintenance service related to the web applications. We make sure that there is stable and without break operation of the business related system. We provide some very effective services like the resolution and problem analysis, user interface, upgrade, integrations related to third party system and last of all redesign.