Our strategy in this respect - first focus

In the first phase, we at Pandaje want to ensure that the particular business should get an effective SMO [social media optimization] campaign and it has to be crafted keeping the prime business goals in the mind. Create an SMO strategy or the plan of the project that can overtake the measured trade goals and the deliverables. This is for the content that can be shared and also the profiles related to the social media. In order to execute the strategy, there has to be a documentation of the actionable plan in order to optimize or develop plans across the networks.

Strategy of the engagement - It does matter to a much greater extent
We at Pandaje develop regulations so that they can indulge with the users that lie within and outside the social network of the client. The first thing is the plan development and second is to make it reach influencers for the purpose of distribution of the content.

Measure dimensions of plan execution and make content strategy
We at Pandaje web world execute the long term and the short term goals based on the document measurable and this is also for the purpose of analyzing the performance of campaigns.

Strategy of the advertisement - It is one of the important parameters in SMO
For the crystal clear results in the campaigns related to the social media, it is very important first to develop a plan of advertising and the second step is to make a general budget as far as the appropriate networks are concerned. It becomes very crucial if one explains the objective pertaining to each section of the plan. Some of the sections are conversions, lead generation, community engagement, community growth etc.

Execution of the campaign - Strategy of the profile is very important
The two things that matter are the content strategy and the profile strategy and one has to fix the recommendations in both these areas. After the strategy of the content is fully implemented, one will have to go to the next step called the best social practices and the third thing is the distribution of the content to the suited networks that are perfect. We at Pandaje, implement the campaigns of advertising after following the complete planning of advertisement. The important thing is that it has to adjust with the budget of the client. Once our strategy of engagement is complete, we do exchange views with the influencers as well as users across all the networks.

Reporting and analysis
We at Pandaje web world provide the reporting on the regular basis and it includes campaign analysis performance. The other important things we have to keep in the mind are goal tracking and the KPI. The final setting of the plan of the project is based on the outcome. One is the report based on the monthly performance and it includes the documentation of the present goal standing. Apart from this, there are other factors like the metrics of the campaigns and the works that have ended. Then there is another month plan and finally a review on a quarterly basis.