Search Engine Marketing Services [SMES] and PPC [Pay per click]
The revolution of the internet has shot up the growth of businesses around the world. One of the latest means to grow business is search engine marketing also referred as SEM. The principal work of the search engine marketing services [SEM Services] is to get the online ads displayed on various search engines and their partner sites so that the potential customers can get the attention of the advertised products and services. SEM activities are accomplished strategically by the concerned experts to enhance web traffic and sales graph.

Pandaje Web World is one of the leading search engine marketing companies and it has helped a number of small businesses and corporate bodies to bring qualified traffic to their websites, blogs and social media pages. We possess a team of young dynamic SEM professionals who use latest technology and techniques to generate potential leads for different business segments. You make payments for our marketing efforts only when we achieve output for you which can be per sale, per download, per lead and per visitor. As a goal oriented SEM company, we have devised our various SEM services in line with the goal that you keep for your business which may be number of sales leads, number of downloads, number of inquiries, number of visitors or any other goal.

We at PandaJe align dedicated SEM teams to all our clients for their specific search engine marketing goal. All advertising activities like search ads, display ads, banners ads and video ads are accomplished with great accuracy wherein, we bring ideas, innovations, techniques and technology to the correct advertising platform to get the desired result. We ensure all SEM-PPC services be it keyword research, campaign mapping, ad creation, bid management, landing page optimization, A/B testing, multivariate testing, conversion analysis, click fraud monitoring are done in perfect way to bring the expected ROI (Return on Investment).

We involve best brains to formulate specific online marketing strategy for you keeping in mind your products and services, and the business goal you want to achieve. To get optimum benefits from SEM activities, our certified Google AdWords and Bing Ads professionals use latest ads and analysis tools, choose proper ad platforms and keep an eagle eye on investment vs outcomes. We are leading PPC services India company and get several accolades from our clients for better PPC account management. We run and optimize Pay per Click or PPC campaigns with a single motto to help you move on the path to excellence in terms of branding and generating revenue.